The Creativity Center is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the maximization of creativity. All students, of all ages,wishing to maximize creativity, are accepted, independently of their economic means; work study scholarships are available to students and/or their parents; the following goods and services are modestly priced:

The best books for learning, teaching and creating in the sciences, humanities, and in all facets of technology for developing full self sufficiency for families and small groups. For Sale.

The best classical and folk music on cassettes and compact disks for stimulating the imagination and the spirit to learn, teach, and create to the limits of one's potential. For Sale.

New technologies in computers, optics, construction, electronics, solar generators, organic gardening, food processing, health care, etc. for helping individuals and small groups become economically independent and maximally self sufficient through personal creativity. For Sale.

An Art Gallery of outstanding, but little known, contemporary artists whose work expresses the value that the greatest good is to learn, teach, and create as best we can, without decreasing anyone's creativity, including our own. Some of the art works are for sale.

Continuous audio visual presentations together with periodic seminars and workshops on the Process of Creative Transformation showing how to maximize creativity according to one's own talents and inclinations. Free.

A metal and wood shop, with individualized instruction on how to create with metal and/or wood.

A computer and electronics laboratory, with individualized instruction on how to use and program computers, and on how to construct and use electronic circuits in general.

An organic nutrition laboratory, with individualized instruction on how to grow and process food so as to provide the healthiest nutrition at minimum costs to you and the environment.

Studios, with personalized instruction in drawing, painting, sculpting, engraving, ceramics, casting, etc.

Tutorial services in mathematics, physical sciences, biology, writing, and on how to start and manage your own creative enterprise in a bootstrap mode with minimum risk and capital.

A lending library with over 6,000 records, cassettes, and compact discs of the best classical and folk music; plus over 5,000 different books in all the sciences, humanities, and technology ideally suited for those who wish to maximize creativity; plus 1,000 videos of classical films and documentaries; available free to all who have studied or are learning at the Creativity Center.

Additional activities are planned in smelting, metal casting, masonry, glass, chemistry, musical instrument making, playing, and composition, small ship building, alternative energy and transportation systems, etc.

The Creativity Center was planned and proposed, under the sponsorship of the School of Experimental Ecology (SEE). However, the director became ill and this project was never finished. It may be finished in the future. For more information, please contact SEE at P.O. Box 10851, Eugene, OR 97440;Phone 415-876-5239

John David Garcia, 1993.