We, the undersigned, promise to do our best to help one another maximize our creativity. Toward this end we promise to educate and help one another and tell one another the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of our ability. We shall give each other honest and constructive feedback about how to improve our behavior. We shall accept all such feedback from each other in the same loving spirit in which it is given. We shall make no judgment about the motivation or the ethical nature of our associates but only do our best to help them make their objective behavior more creative. At the same time we will be honest and forthright in expressing our feelings to each other, recognizing that our expressed feelings about anyone communicate more about what we are than what that person is.

If we should ever wish to disassociate from this group of associates we will do so promptly, giving at that time our full true reasons for the disassociation to all the other persons in the group. After disassociation from these persons, we have no further obligations to them other than those we choose to assume. The remaining persons may at that time incorporate other persons to take our place without any further obligation to us other than those they choose to assume.

So long as we are members of this group of associates, we promise to do our best to treat every person outside the group with whom we have dealings the same as we treat persons inside the group. We will share these experiences with our teammates.

We promise to ethically love and serve one another. We shall do our best, knowing that we may often fail, to ethically love all humanity, including our enemies, who decrease our and others' creativity. We are fully committed to maximizing the creativity of all humanity, but we agree to first begin with ourselves.

John David Garcia, 1993.