The Moral Society
Chapter 5


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The Jews as Historical Catalysts
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Nuclear Annihilation
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Gradual Decline

Mankind and evolution are at a critical juncture. Man must now deliberately choose to play The Game of Life, dedicate himself to the pursuit of total awareness and create an Ethical State, or he will continue to disintegrate under the forces of bureaucratization and ideology. Both outcomes are "natural." They both represent the evolutionary mechanisms of "joining" and "fanning out" respectively.

The scientists of the Renaissance gave man an impetus toward total awareness that has carried him beyond the Earth as well as toward the center of life. We are beginning to understand the basic structure of life. A new Renaissance will enable man to understand the structure of mind. The groping, clumsy quality of the evolutionary force has made man regress from the incipient joining of the Renaissance to the bureaucratization and specialization of today. The fanning out of awareness must be given a focus in order that knowledge may become whole again. In the unity of knowledge and totality of awareness lies the unity of man and the creation of the Moral Society. The scientific investigation of the psychosocial environment is the focal point which will bring knowledge to "ether again and unify man. However, bringing all the sciences to bear on the psychosocial environment poses a problem. It is a problem analogous to a schizophrenic giving himself psychotherapy.

That mankind is collectively schizophrenic is obvious. It is shown by 1) the divisions of ideology; 2) the fragmentation of science into unconnected specialties; 3) the division between nations on the basis of ideology and ethnocentrism; 4) the divisions within nations because of the hypocrisy and mendacity of the political leaders; 5) the divisions between the sexes which are causing increasing homosexuality and militant feminism; and most of all, 6) the divisions within individual persons by which the cosmic force simultaneously causes them to sink into matter and to reach toward total awareness. The perversion of the need for total awareness through the comforting illusions of ideology is the most salient symptom in the entire syndrome of global schizophrenia that has infected mankind. Ideology will be the major obstacle to man healing himself. It is a blindfold which man puts on himself in order to hide the symptoms of his disease from himself. Only a unified science can remove the blindfold.

The etiology of mankind's schizophrenia was the principal topic of Chapter 4. The symptoms were stressed to the exclusion of a complete description of the process. In order to understand why an Ethical State is the only possible solution to the psychosis destroying the human race, it is helpful to recapitulate some of the points previously made in a different perspective.



In both democratic and Communist countries, the people become confused because of the great disparity between the ideals of the society and the realities of the political bureaucracies. In the democracies, particularly the United States, the ideal of freedom is confused with the ideal of security. In the Communist states, particularly the Soviet Union, the ideal of security is obscured by a stifling bureaucracy which is suffocating the minds of the people with a blanket of self-serving ideology. In both societies, the most aware persons despair at the ignorance and mendacity of their political leaders. They feel helpless in the path of a juggernaut of aggressive immorality.

Both societies have the maximization of security as the ultimate goal, but security is a trivial problem. Men need a goal beyond security. Therefore, the societies are blindly structured to create artificial insecurities that can then be satisfied. These are based on the self-generated needs for unnecessary consumer goods and entertainment. The Soviet Union has an additional need to remove ideological heretics (domestic and foreign) from places where they can contaminate the populace and threaten the bureaucracy. The people of the United States yearn for a commitment for its own sake. The political leaders are too unethical and the scientists too specialized to see that the pursuit of total awareness is the only meaningful goal for mankind, and that all other goals are marginal.

The collapse in all countries of traditional religion as a motivating force has left an unsatisfied need in the population to be a part of something greater than themselves. Nothing is currently satisfying that need. Even the ideology of nationalism is declining. There is a vacuum of desire. Most persons become convinced that life must be meaningless and that they might as well concentrate on being happy and not worry about anything else. They become existential hedonists. The direct pursuit of happiness becomes a central goal. Even the most brilliant scientists claim that they are scientists only because it is fun. The scientists remain children or become immoral. What they do has no relevance beyond their pleasure. They specialize and make science irrelevant. The number of generalists is steadily decreasing.

Finally, the best minds in the society begin to turn from science altogether and become self-centered, nearly autistic hedonists. They become utterly cynical about the possibilities of bettering the society. They are not even sure what "bettering" means unless it is more happiness. They become immoral men playing the Game of Pleasure. Into the vacuum step the power-seeking bureaucrats who, as a manifestation of their insecurity, want power for its own sake. They have no vision beyond personal power and happiness. They care little about what happens beyond their lifetime. They use their power to placate and control the population with trivia and condition them to expect nothing but trivia. They are indecent men.

The only hope to stop the disintegration is to unify knowledge through a scientific commitment to understand the total psychosocial environment. However, the scientists are too specialized and the ideologues will not allow even the postulation of scientific psychosocial hypotheses that are contrary to their prejudices. There seems to be no way to break the vicious cycle of a bureaucracy that justifies its existence by claiming to solve the problems which it itself creates and in the process creates even more bureaucracy. There is one way, an Ethical State, but that represents an unlikely train of events occurring very soon, before the process of bureaucratization becomes irreversible.


The Most Probably Outcome

The most likely outcome of the current structure of humanity is total entropy. Total entropy for mankind means that the human species becomes extinct. It becomes an evolutionary dead-end just as Paranthropus. Humanity does not evolve into something better, but simply becomes smaller and smaller in number until there are no descendants of any person alive today. Total entropy can happen in many ways. It has happened to thousands of specialized (bureaucratized) species before. It could come about by environmental pollution, genetic decline, depletion of the natural resources, war and other entropic means.

The most likely cause of total entropy is a devastating war between the United States and the Soviet Union. None of the political or military bureaucracies in either country want a war, but events beyond their control can lead them to a war neither side wants.

That both the Soviet Union and the United States have the capacity to annihilate each other is already clear. What is not clear is that in annihilating one another they could destroy the entire human race. The radioactive strontium-go in the atmosphere which would result from a conventional nuclear exchange between the two powers would in time accumulate in the bones of every person in the world. There is evidence that although radiation from the strontium might not directly kill every body, it would be strong enough to sterilize the entire world population. However, there is no reason to believe that a nuclear exchange would be limited solely to "conventional" nuclear weapons. For very little more money, a nuclear power can greatly increase the "kill radius" of its hydrogen bombs by turning them into cobalt bombs. A single cobalt bomb can destroy all life in a circle with a one hundred-mile diameter. The fallout from cobalt bombs is much more deadly than that from conventional nuclear bombs. It could kill the entire world population directly. There are even more deadly variations and possibilities than the cobalt bomb.

To make sure that none of their enemy survived (possibly after suffering irreparable damage themselves) both powers could use their enormous arsenals of biological and chemical weapons on the now disorganized, weakened society. Some of these weapons by themselves, such as Botulism Toxin, used systematically in an aerosol could destroy all men on earth. Furthermore, the actual fighting would probably not be limited to the Soviet Union and the United States. China, Japan, and Europe would almost certainly be involved. The possibility of destroying the entire human race is very real.

But this is madness. Why would the bureaucracies deliberately commit suicide only to destroy their enemies? The answer lies in the immorality of the political leaders and their unconscious wish for death. The death-wish of the leaders manifests itself in their entropic policies. They decline the principles of life and embrace the principles of death. This will not be the first time in history that men have deliberately died for "principle," except that this time they will take the entire human race with them.

Yet it seems impossible that any chain of events could be so entropic as to lead to nuclear annihilation. What could possibly happen to make this come about?

A nuclear war could start in many ways; it could start as a consequence of the almost certain future invasion of China by the Soviet Union. It could start in Germany as a consequence of an East German uprising against the Soviet occupation. It could start in the Middle East in a Soviet-American confrontation over the fate of Israel. There are many ways in which a war could start. However, there exist evolutionary patterns which indicate that nuclear annihilation, if it occurs, will come about in a more indirect way. In order to perceive these patterns, it is necessary to understand the historical significance of the Jews.


The Jews as Historical Catalysts

The importance of religion in moral evolution was discussed in the previous chapters. The unbureaucratic nature of Judaism was shown to be unique. The Jews are, therefore, a people unique in history. They have been able to maintain an identity for thousands of years in the absence of a nation or even a "race" of their own. They are a genetically heterogeneous people tied together by a religion almost totally devoid of ideology. It is a religion evolving toward science. The Jewish religion has many of the same myths as Christianity and Islam, but they are considered increasingly unimportant. What is important is a code of behavior which has become an end in itself. The religion has no theology. It does not emphasize dogmatic beliefs about cause and effect relationships; rather it stresses how men should behave on the basis of a codified set of laws. The basic laws, which are sometimes unclear and often apparently illogical, are the center of the religion. The religion is one concerned solely with interpreting a set of laws in the light of ever-expanding awareness. Judaism has what no religion ever has—feedback independent of ideology.

Judaism is not a religion. It is a variation on the Game of Life. It is a Game to Preserve the Game of Life. Judaism plays the Game of Life under a set of "legal" constraints which often make playing the Game difficult.. The constraints, however, are so flexible that they may be reinterpreted to fit any situation. They become interpreted rigidly whenever there in persecution so that it then becomes much more important to preserve the Game than to win it, for to stop playing the Game of Life is to lose it forever. Whenever there is freedom and liberty for the Jews, they relax the constraints of the Game and concentrate on playing the Game of Life to win.

In other words, Judaism as a "religion" (the Game to Preserve the Game) can only exist in the face of persecution. As persecution diminishes, fewer and fewer Jews play the Game for the sake of preserving the Game and most begin to play the Game of Life to win. In playing the Game of Life, they seek power, knowledge and the expansion of total awareness. They lose their "religion'' and intermarry. Some continue the Game to Preserve the Game, but so long as liberty and freedom flourish, they become an ever-decreasing minority of Jews. The Jews are indicators of the entropy of society. They exist as a separate entity only when the entropy is increasing. The Jews become absorbed into whatever population they inhabit if they are not persecuted. This only occurs when the society is progressive.

A Jew is, therefore, neither a member of a racial minority nor a practitioner of a particular religion. A Jew is any ethical person who is determined to preserve the Game of Life even at the cost of his own life. A Jew may not know the rules of the Game of Life, but he knows the rules for preserving the Game in the face of persecution. These latter rules make up the seemingly irrational core of traditional Judaism. Spinoza, who was ostracized and despised by the Jewish community of his time, is the epitome of what makes a Jew. Many persons who are regarded by others and who regard themselves as Jews are not Jews. Only an ethical person can be a Jew. Unethical "Jews" are apostates.

When a nation is free and progressive, it then produces an environment conducive to playing the Game of Life and the Jews can no longer maintain their identity within that nation. They become ordinary people and eventually forget the rules of the Game to Preserve the Game. When men are moral and the society is ethical, Judaism becomes unnecessary. When nations persecute the Jews, it is because they have become corrupted by bureaucratization and/or ideology. The society is then immoral and it can no longer expand man's awareness. The society begins to decline once the persecution begins. The Jews, therefore, catalyze nations by playing the Game of Life and helping children become moral men. The evolutionary force tests the fitness of a nation with the lives of the Jews. When the Jews cannot exist, then the Game of Life has already been lost and the society has irreversible entropy.

Persons with a Jewish background are, therefore, almost never children. Judaism forces children either to deliberately accept or deliberately decline the challenge of the Game of Life. It appears that just as many accept as decline. Judaism produces at least as many immoral men as it produces moral men. It produced Spinoza, but it also produced the so-called "Jews" who persecuted Spinoza. Judaism produced Einstein, but it also produced Bela Kuhn. Persons commonly regarded as Jews are, therefore, just as likely to be intelligent immoral men as they are to be moral men. Jewish apostates have almost always confronted directly the Game of Life and declined the challenge.

If the Jews have, in effect, been playing the Game of Life so long, then they must be another random manifestation of the evolutionary force and must have a significant part to play in creating the Moral Society. Historically this has been true. The evolution of the Jews is intimately involved with the evolution of morality.


Ancient Catalysis

The Jews have been the catalysts of great civilizations throughout history. Never producing a great civilization of their own, they have contributed disproportionately to the civilization of others. The apostates have been parasites, but the ethical Jews have literally shaped the modern world by their individual contributions to science, but most of all by the synthesis of Christianity, Islam, Communism and modern science (i.e., relativity and psychoanalysis).

The Jews have been at the center of the great empires which had the potential for uniting mankind. The Jews evolved as a religious mutation in the midst of persecution from the great civilizations of Egypt and Babylon. They played their first catalytic role in ancient Alexandria which was the intellectual center of the Greco-Roman world. Here they settled in large numbers and were present at the birth of a systematic science that did not survive. From their own traditions and the Greco-Roman civilization, the Jews synthesized Christianity. Christianity was to prove the greatest unifying religious mutation in human history. But it represented another clumsy groping by the evolutionary force. Like any bureaucratized ideology, it became corrupt and its leaders became immoral men. Having synthesized Christianity, the Jewish role in the Greco-Roman empire came to an end in a wave of merciless persecution. From that time, Rome began its long decline. The Jews' next catalytic role was to be played in Islam.

Islam, another religious mutation derived from Judaism but closer to pure Judaism than Christianity, became the next great unifying world force. Islamic civilization reached its zenith in Iberia where a large number of Jews settled and produced great medieval philosophers (e.g., Maimonides and Ibn Gabirol) and scientists (e.g., Abraham bar Hiyya and Abraham Zacuto). The Jews were influential in both the Moslem and Christian kingdoms of Iberia. Under the changing waves of persecution they would go from one kingdom to another and became a source of feedback and communication between Islam and the Christian world. Eventually the once tolerant Moslems became the most oppressive people in Iberia. The Jews allied themselves with the Christian Iberian kingdoms. By the end of the fifteenth century the Jews were influential throughout the now almost totally Christian Iberian civilization. In part due to the activities of the Jews, Iberia had acquired the potential power for unifying the world. The new Iberian kingdoms brutally persecuted the Jews and made it impossible for them to survive. Iberia has been declining ever since.


Modern Catalysis

After Iberia the Jews became dispersed throughout Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Wherever they lived, they were persecuted. By the nineteenth century, the Jewish communities in Germany were the largest and the freest in the world. By the beginning of the twentieth century Germany was the undisputed world leader in science and technology. It had the potential for uniting mankind. World War I was a pre-mature step in this direction. The German Jews fully supported the ambitions of German Nationalism and contributed mightily to the war effort. However, Germany was not yet ready and nationalism was not the proper ideology for uniting man. Nationalism and monarchy made Germany ethically unfit. The Germans lost the war.

The German Jews continued to contribute to the expansion of total awareness within Germany. They had full rights in the new German republic and were almost totally free from persecution. They began to play the Game of Life to the total exclusion of the Game to Preserve the Game. The Jews were being completely absorbed by Germany. The majority of the leading German scientists were Jewish in spite of the fact that the Jews were less than one-percent of the German population. Onefifth of all the Nobel Prize winners in science have been German Jews. In mathematics, the German-Jewish contribution was even more disproportionate.

The statistics do not tell the whole story however. The quality of the Jewish contributions to science was even more outstanding. They included the theory of relativity. Einstein was the greatest physicist since Newton. In the arts a similar phenomenon was occurring. Of the four leading German composers of the twentieth century, two were Jewish— Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg. In all the arts, particularly literature (Freud,! Zweig, Ludwig, Feuchtwanger, von Heyse, etc.) the German-Jews were expanding man's awareness at an unprecedented rate. By the beginning of the 1g30'5 it seemed that the German lead in total awareness had already given them the means to unite the world. However, this lead in awareness reflected intelligence not ethics. The Germans led in science, technology and many of the arts, but they were morally defective; Adolf Hitler became the leader of the German people. Germany became completely bureaucratized and ideological.

Hitler was to Germany what Ferdinand and Isabel had been to Spain. Hitler took what seemed the most vital, aware country in the world and wasted its potential in the most evil perversion of the evolutionary force that the world had ever seen. He killed and persecuted the Jews as well as millions of other people on an unprecedented scale. In so doing, he lost his dreams for world conquest. He alienated the ethical people of the world. Thousands of ethical Germans as well as Jews fled Nazi Germany. Furthermore, with the Jews of Europe went the science and technology which could have won Germany the war. The leading developers of the atomic bomb were almost all European Jews. Germany was to become another Spain—a potential engenderer of the Moral Society which lost its one opportunity through the suppression of freedom and the persecution of the Jews.

Today Germany is rich and prosperous just as Spain was during the sixteenth century, but the expansion of awareness is diminishing in Germany. It is in a state of acute intellectual decline even as it grows fat. Germany no longer makes the highly significant contributions to science or the arts that it did in the past. The contributions it does make are becoming increasingly trivial and irrelevant. By becoming unethical Germany destroyed the catalyst of its own awareness. The vitality and awareness that had been Germany's passed together with millions of ethical refugees to other nations, most notably the United States.

Today only three countries have large numbers of Jews. They are the United States (6,000,000), Russia (3,000,000) and Israel (2,500,000). Together they contain almost ninety percent of world Jewry.

In the United States the Jews are even freer than they had been in Germany. Their contributions to the sciences, arts, and industry of the United States are even more disproportionate than they had been in Germany. The Jews, for example, at less than three percent of the population are over thirty-five percent of the persons listed in Who's Who (the American directory of "important" persons). They dominate the upper echelons of all the sciences, arts (particularly music and literature) and new industries such as computers and electronics. The recent American Nobel Prize winners in science are almost all Jewish. The first American Nobel Prize winner was also Jewish. The Jews are the most vital catalytic element in American life. Most of them are descendants of Eastern European Jews who only one or two generations ago were ignorant and penniless.

By 1945 the Jewish scientists, particularly the refugees from Europe, had helped make the United States the most powerful country in history. The U.S. had a monopoly of nuclear weapons. Its industry was intact and at peak production. The feedback of war had made its military the most efficient in history. Its only possible adversaries, Japan, U.S.S.R., Germany, China and England—were completely weakened by the war. Japan and Germany were conquered. England was eager to share world domination with the U.S. Only a weakened Soviet Union stood in the way. The U.S. had prestige and respect everywhere. It had shown itself capable of uniting diverse people in a progressive society. It had passed the final test of giving freedom and liberty to the Jews. It only lacked the will and the purpose to fulfill its historic mission of uniting mankind in a free and progressive society.

The evolutionary force had possibly made a mistake again, but in a new way. It had developed the potential for uniting humanity and it had tested the fitness of the nation. But it had not given purpose and will. The Game of Life was being lost by default. Evolution began to correct this mistake. It did this by creating a threat in the Soviet Union which the United States could not ignore. The threat and the awareness of the threat were both to be catalyzed by the Jews.

The Nazis killed over eighty percent of all the Jews in Eastern Europe, except Russia. The Eastern European Jews had for centuries been oppressed and persecuted, particularly in Russia. The Russian Revolution offered new hope to the Russian Jews. Trotsky, a Jew, was the head of the Red Army during the civil war. He, even more than Lenin, was responsible for establishing Communism in Russia. He was Lenin's intellectual superior in all ways. He fell victim to Stalin's superior skill at intrigue and bureaucratic maneuvering. (This is the greatest weakness of ethical men. ) The upper echelons of the revolutionary Communist Party in Russia were mostly Jews (e.g., Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek, Litvinov, and Kaganovich). Marx himself had been a Jew as was Engels.

Communism offered to liberate the Jews of Eastern Europe. Jews in other parts of the world, particularly Germany and the United States, were avid supporters of and leaders in the Communist movement. Stalin became increasingly anti-Semitic as he grew older. First he purged and murdered Trotsky and his followers, then he made a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. Finally, near the end of his life, he engaged in outright anti-Semitic persecution (the "Doctor's Plot"). The endemic anti-Semitism in Russia has lately come to the surface in wholesale harassment of Soviet Jews, but most notably in the Soviet Union's support for the Arab cause in the Middle East.

In spite of the endemic anti-Semitism in Russia, after the revolution the Jews were given opportunities and freedoms undreamed of in Czarist times. They responded by making contributions to Soviet science, art, and culture comparable to those in the United States. They performed their catalytic function and today the Soviet Union is the second most powerful nation in the world.

The bureaucratization of the Soviet Union has gone hand-in-hand with the increase of "official" anti-Semitism. The outspoken writers who have been jailed in recent years for criticizing the regime have almost all been Jewish. The same applies to the "economic" criminals (i.e., capitalists). Recently the son of Litvinov, a physicist, was persecuted for defending some of the writers. Lev Landau was Jewish. While the Soviet Government is anti-religious in general (ideologies rarely tolerate rivals), it is more anti-religious toward those Jews who still play the Game to Preserve the Game. It is systematically excluding Jews from the upper echelons of power. This is again the ironic fate of the Jews who have once more catalyzed and synthesized an ideology which ends up persecuting them.

Israel is a state created primarily by the Jews who survived the Nazi holocaust. They defeated the combined well-armed armies of the Arab nations who outnumbered them by more than one hundred to one. Under similar circumstances they have repeatedly defeated the Arabs. It is a repetition of the classical pattern of a new and vital nation replacing a formerly great civilization that has decayed and increased its entropy.

The Israelis must divert almost their entire budget to defense in order to survive. In spite of this enormous handicap, Israel with a population of less than 3,000,000 is one of the leading countries in scientific research and cultural development. Israel is the only country in two thousand years to have a majority of Jews. The result of this phenomenon is that the Jews of Israel are rapidly losing their "religion" and are becoming "ordinary people." Eventually they will no longer play the Game to Preserve the Game. In time, they will be indistinguishable from other Middle Eastern nations. In the process, they will have radically changed and improved the social structure of their neighbors through military conquest and cultural expansion. They would give the Arabs unavoidable feedback.

In time Israel, too, will decay and lose its vitality through bureaucratization and ideology. In bureaucratizing their religion, the Jews will eventually lose the Game of Life just as all other nations have.

The decline of Israel will be the result of 1) having to divert almost all of its energies to the military and 2) the loss of ethics. The constant military pressure on Israel is turning it into a modern-day Sparta where the military virtues are the ones most highly extolled. The military has become such an integral part of the society that even if the Arabs are contained, it is likely that the military organization will become bureaucratized and consume the society just as it has in many other nations. The military mentality will cause the nation eventually to become unethical. The ethical decline will be augmented by bureaucratized religion and government. Israel is not only becoming a Sparta; it is already a religious state in spite of a preponderance of agnostics.



The pattern shows the Jews to be catalysts of the evolutionary force. They can catalyze the creation of the Moral Society. They have always reflected the genetic make-up of the nations among which they lived— even in China. They are not a race. They are a genetically heterogeneous group of people who have chosen to preserve the Game of Life in lieu of security. The Jews help raise to world power any country that gives large numbers of them shelter and freedom. They become reabsorbed into the general population whenever the need to play the Game to Preserve the Game is removed. When a nation which has been catalyzed by the Jews becomes unethical, it persecutes them and begins a rapid decline. It seems that the Jews will cease to exist only when the world is moral or dead.

Through the catalysis of the Jews, the Soviet Union has become a grave threat and a stimulus to the United States. Russia will not allow the United States to withdraw into itself and ignore its historic role. Israel will be the testing ground between the United States and the Soviet Union.

If the United States does not make a full commitment to defend her, Israel will eventually—almost certainly—be destroyed directly or indirectly by the Soviet Union. The only ethical justification for defending a theocratic, militaristic Israel is that Israel represents a nucleus of expanding awareness within the entropic body of Islam. Israel is the best hope of a once broadly-aware and progressive people, the Arabs, to regain their vitality.

It is not ethical to defend Israel against the Arabs; Israel must defend herself. It is only ethical to defend Israel and other nations against the Soviet Union which is the only nation with the will and the ability to destroy human freedom and ethics.

The evolutionary force, until this time, has caused the Jews to serve as catalysts for bringing one and only one people at a time up to the point where they have the power and the purpose to unify the human race. Each time, the Jews have been brutally persecuted just as the empire or nation reached the zenith of its power—Rome, Islam, Iberia, Germany. Today there are two nations on the verge of unifying the human race. The Soviet Union has already lost the initiative by bureaucratic and ideological corruption. It has already become unethical and begun to persecute the Jews. The Soviet bureaucracy can probably only unify humanity in a state of irreversible entropy. The classical pattern of ethical testing is being repeated today on a world scale, with the Soviet Union representing entropy and the United States evolution. The lives of the Jews are again being used to test the fitness of humanity.

The United States is absorbing the Jews; it is the least nationalistic and ethnocentric nation in the world. Only the United States, in spite of its racial problems and its ethical mistakes, has proven itself capable of unifying diverse people in a single, highly-progressive world state. No other nation in history has done better. Only the United States through historical tradition and its internal democratic structure seems uniquely qualified to mutate into the international Ethical State which can unite all humanity. This potential is being lost by hedonistic, ideological and bureaucratic decline. The potential can only be rekindled by a new sense of purpose.

The Soviet Union has the will and the purpose for world domination; the United States does not. Israel may be the catalytic agent which will give the United States purpose. If this does not happen, then nuclear annihilation will almost certainly occur in the near future.


Nuclear Annihilation

The endemic anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union works in subtle ways. The bureaucracy that administers every facet of Soviet life has no official policy of anti-Semitism. The Communist leadership has no conscious motives of anti-Semitism in dictating its Middle East policy. The bureaucrats make their decisions on the basis of what they "objectively" think are the best interests of their country or their personal careers. However, each decision that is made in a complex bureaucracy like the U.S.S.R.'s is linked to thousands of other decisions. If there is an anti-Semitic bias within the general population, each decision involving the Jews will tend to have an anti-Semitic bias. The additive result will eventually be anti-Semitic policies which are not necessarily in the interests of the nation. Such is the case in the Middle East.

The belligerency between the Arabs and the Israelis seems irreconcilable. The Jewish refugees needed a country. They took their traditional homeland away from the Arabs by force of arms. Since then, they have repeatedly humiliated the much better-armed and more numerous Arabs on the battlefield. The Arabs are determined to exterminate their source of humiliation and regain their former lands. Hatred of Israel is the only unifying force within the Arab world. The Israelis are determined to survive. There probably will be no compromise.

The Soviets have quite logically extended their influence to the Middle East in order 1) to control the European source of oil, and 2) to obtain warm-water ports and a direct outlet to the Mediterranean. Furthermore, expansion is an end in itself for any bureaucracy since it creates greater illusions of security and the Middle East is "easy." The Soviets have quite illogically assumed that they can increase their influence here by keeping the Arabs dependent on them for arms and then keeping them on a leash so that the Arabs do not suffer another humiliating and costly (to the Russians) defeat at the hands of the Israelis. This is unrealistic.

The Arabs will prepare to attack Israel as soon as they can delude themselves into thinking they can win. The Arab capacity for self-delusion knows no bounds. It is a logical consequence of the ideological delusions of Islam. The Israelis will attack the Arab states as soon as they think the Arabs are preparing to attack them. They will under no circumstances wait for the Arabs to attack them first. They are too vulnerable.

The Soviets, in order to maintain their influence in the Arab world, must give credible assistance to the Arabs. Therefore, they cannot help but provide enough weapons in order for the Arabs to delude themselves again into believing they can defeat Israel. The Soviets will try to counter an Arab first attack by having a large number of military "advisors," including fighter pilots, who will try to keep close control over the Arab military. The Soviets, knowing the Israeli tendency to attack first, will deploy their fleet near Israel in order to deter Israel from attacking the Arabs first. They will have an agreement to intervene "defensively" if Israel attacks first. This will be no deterrent, as Israel will still attack first.

They will destroy the Arab armies, their air force and their Soviet "advisors." They will attack the Soviet fleet if that is a direct threat. The Israeli attitude will be that if they do nothing, they will surely be destroyed. If they attack first, they may have a chance to survive. They will have as a deterrent to the Soviets a nuclear arsenal of their own and the hope that the threat of American intervention will discourage the Soviets from attacking Israel. The Soviets however, will not be able to tolerate the humiliation of another defeat for themselves and their Arab allies.

Thousands of Russians will be casualties. If they do nothing, their influence in the Arab world will decline. Worst of all, the puppet governments they keep in Eastern Europe only by threat of armed intervention will begin to doubt once again Soviet resoluteness to intervene in their affairs and will try to break away from the Soviet Bloc. The Soviets will have to do something to maintain credibility or the bureaucracy will be threatened. The endemic anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union will bias the decision toward launching a destructive missile attack against Israel, probably from submarines, in the guise of having the missiles launched by the Arabs. The Soviets will be counting on the United States not intervening because 1) vital U.S. interests do not seem threatened and 2) the political bureaucracy in power is dominated by businessmen, lawyers, and rightist ideologues of the Immoral Community with no particular sympathy toward Israel and possibly a certain amount of latent anti-Semitism. The United States would appear to have very little to gain and a lot to lose in defending Israel. It could trigger a war with the Soviet Union. Consider the following scenario of nuclear annihilation.



The Arabs are again fully armed and deluded enough to consider attacking Israel. The Israelis once more destroy the Arab armies and humiliate their Soviet allies. The Soviets retaliate with missiles against Israel. Together with the invading Arab hordes, they destroy Israel without interference from the United States.

The United States, in the meantime, has become increasingly rightist. The Revolt Against Reason (particularly that of the Black Racists) has created a reaction among the voters so that they elect more rightists than their socialistic inclinations would warrant. The majority of the Immoral Community still remains leftist but is losing touch with the people. The Revolt Against Reason creates a residue of anti-Semitism in the United States. First, the most articulate and/or ubiquitous spokesmen for the Revolt are obviously Jewish (e.g., Marcuse, Chomsky, Hoffman, and Rubin). The voters note this. Second, in spite of Jewish leadership, the Revolt Against Reason is itself anti-Semitic. The Negro allies of the Revolt have been anti-Semitic for many years. The Jewish leaders of the Revolt, in a masochistic frenzy of ideological self-righteousness, have taken an anti-Zionist stance in support of the "oppressed" Arabs of the "Third World." The leaders of the Revolt have completely stopped playing the Game to Preserve the Game. They regard their more orthodox Jewish fathers and uncles, who are businessmen or members of the middle class establishment, as corrupt supporters of a rotten system. The leaders of the Revolt Against Reason are Jews preaching anti-Semitism to their followers and creating anti-Semitism in the vast majority who oppose them, simply by being Jews. The Jews become the most tragic victims of the delusions of the Revolt Against Reason.

The United States, finally extricating itself from its tragic mistakes in Vietnam, resolves not to become involved again in foreign wars unless its security is directly threatened. The businessmen and lawyers running the Government correctly conclude that their intervention on the part of Israel could not help the Israelis after the fact. The United States is in no way directly threatened and the Soviets have become increasingly cooperative in the disarmament talks. The Soviets have further promised to protect American oil interests in the Middle East, which are decreasing in strategic value anyway. The United States sits by and allows Israel to be destroyed with no more action than a protest. The Soviets sensed correctly a priori that the United States did not have the will or purpose to risk war in order to defend Israel.

It should be noted that even though the Jews are a catalytic agent of the evolutionary force and as a group are the most aware people on earth, they have the same capacity for immorality and self-delusion as the rest of humanity. The fact that they have little ideology in their religion makes them even more prone to ideological persuasion when they abandon their religion. Judaism is an ethical buffer against ideology. The two most powerful ideologies in history — Christianity and Communism — are both creations of Jewish apostates. Jews are also the chief leftist ideologues within the social "sciences." The Jews, being predominantly players of the Game of Life, more often than others delude themselves into thinking they are aware when they are not by accepting ideology in the place of science. In other words, their constant pursuit of awareness makes them more vulnerable than others to ideology and the desire for personal power in the absence of knowledge. Eventually the Jews recognize their own delusions. The Jews always become the worst victims and enemies of the ideologies that they have created. They debunk their former ideologies and their power-seeking brethren as soon as they see their incompatibility with the Game of Life. This happened with Christianity, it is happening with Communism, it will happen with the Revolt Against Reason. It is all automatic and unconscious. The Jews are unaware of their evolutionary function.

The destruction of Israel produces a deep shock in American Jewry which had recently become more self-conscious in light of the Soviet persecutions. The American Jews had for many years been supporters of leftist policies. They now become militantly anti-rightist. They contribute large amounts of money to help defeat rightist candidates. The Revolt Against Reason loses its Jewish leadership and declines. The Jews become alienated from the Black masses they had, through natural empathy, tried to help for many years. The failure of integration and the racist policies of the Black leadership have made the voters increasingly intolerant of Black aspirations. In separating themselves from the Blacks, the Jews once again become politically powerful.

The severe economic recession brought on by the fiscal policies of the administration in power, together with all the other forces, creates an electoral landslide which brings many Jews to positions of political power. In the meantime, the Soviets, emboldened by their victory in the Middle East and secure on their western flank, attack China.

The Soviet bureaucrats had been terrified by the rapid technological development and militancy of the Chinese Communists. No one believes in the solidarity of Communism now. Each Communist bureaucracy has no other purpose than to perpetuate itself. The Chinese have been on the verge of developing a second strike capability and have become increasingly truculent. The Soviets attack China to eliminate a real threat to their security. The Soviets achieve an easy victory; they get considerable support within China from the anti-Maoist faction. They install their puppets in power with the understanding that China will never again develop nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union becomes the most feared and powerful nation in the world.

The United States is in economic disarray and hedonistic decline. However, the Soviets still have a completely irrational fear of the Germans. The apparent dynamism of West Germany together with the growing opposition in East Germany to the Soviet occupation makes the Russians very nervous. They decide to occupy West Berlin which is still a source for subversion in East Germany. They no longer fear American intervention The Soviets launch a coordinated attack on West Berlin through their East German allies. They meet heavy resistance from the population and the American garrison. They will not surrender. The Soviets are forced to begin the systematic destruction of West Berlin. In the meantime the new, more dynamic leadership in the United States decides that if it again does nothing, the Soviets will continue to take over more and more parts of the world until they eventually attack the United States. The Jews in positions of power are thirsting for revenge against the Soviets. The U.S., together with the West Germans, launch a counter-attack.

The East German population revolts; so do the populations in the other Soviet satellites. The Soviet bureaucracy is terrified. Their entire security is threatened. They have everything to lose. They take a gamble that the United States will not risk nuclear war. The Russians have many more offensive missiles than the Americans and an extensive antiballistic missile system. They order the United States to withdraw its troops or the Soviet Union will declare war. The Soviets, with their thousands of cobalt bombs, have first strike capability, i.e., if they attack first, they have a good chance of avoiding serious retaliation. They also believe, mistakenly, that their ABM system is highly effective. The United States must strike first if it is to survive. The scientifically illiterate Jewish bureaucrats are biased in their judgment by hatred of Russia. The incompetent military bureaucracy, in order to justify its enormous expenditures, had given an incorrect estimate that the United States could launch a first attack and destroy most of the Soviet missiles. Their experts told them that the kill rate in the Soviet retaliation would be no more than 50 million. The United States launches an attack on the Soviet Union and the Soviets retaliate automatically with cobalt bombs on American cities. The United States then destroys the Soviet cities. The biosphere is destroyed by the fallout.

End Scenario

Other scenarios could be written about how a nuclear war might start. It could start in Asia or another part of the world. It is just as likely that the Soviets will attack China before they attack Israel. It is a part of the over-all historical pattern, however, that the Jews should be intimately involved. The testing of the fitness of the United States will be in Israel.

Nuclear annihilation only seems avoidable by a moral revolution in the United States in order that the leadership may revert to moral men. The current revolutionary forces in the United States are themselves unethical and are becoming immoral. If ethical decline can be reversed, it is because direct perception of the evolutionary patterns has been achieved by a critical mass of ethical men and they have begun to engender an Ethical State.

Of course, it is still possible that the Soviets will somehow reverse their moral decline, de-bureaucratize themselves, and accept awareness as a goal. A strategy for making this happen is described in Chapter 7. This is extremely unlikely, however. The main evolutionary purpose of the Soviet Union seems to be to test the United States and goad it to action.

The evolutionary force has continuously brought states to the peak of power and tested their fitness to create the Moral Society with the lives of the Jews. That is again the case on an international scale.

But this may be the last test. This time all of humanity is involved.


Annihilation with a Whimper

The many possibilities that exist for nuclear annihilation make it by far the most likely outcome of man's schizophrenia. Nuclear annihilation has about a 50-50 chance of occurring in the near future. Unless the basic world structure changes, it seems certain in the long run. However, if by some miracle man can continue to avoid nuclear annihilation for another hundred years while proceeding to disintegrate under the forces of ideology and bureaucratization, he will become extinct in other ways. The two most likely causes are poisoning of the biosphere by pollution and genetic decay.



No competent scientist would refute the proposition that if man keeps pumping pollutants into the atmosphere, the streams, and the oceans at the rate he is doing today, the biosphere will eventually be destroyed. The disagreements are over the rate of destruction. The estimates run mainly from thirty-five years to two hundred years. Accepting as a working figure one hundred years, it is clear that the current bureaucratic structure of the world is incapable of dealing with the problem.

No one nation can stop pollution. It will take the cooperation of all nations. The problem of getting nations to agree on pollution control is analogous to getting them to agree on disarmament. No nation can trust another to comply with the agreement. Today the industrial output of a nation is highly correlated with the amount of pollution that it produces. Most of the measures that a nation has to take in order to reduce pollution will reduce its industrial efficiency. No nation is likely to make itself less industrially competitive vis-a-vis its neighbors by reducing its own pollution while its neighbors do not. If a nation did this, the common environment of all would continue to be polluted at essentially the same rate while its industry declined. A nation has no advantage in significantly reducing only its own pollution. A nation may take measures to reduce the most obnoxious pollution in its immediate vicinity such as its cities and lakes, but it will not go beyond this. The only system that would work would be an international inspection system with serious penalties for nations violating the pollution standards. In an increasingly bureaucratized world this type of cooperation does not seem likely to occur before the effects of pollution become irreversible.

The imbalance, by only a very small percentage, of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting from burning fossil fuel can create an irreversible greenhouse effect which can destroy the biosphere in a few hundred years. It has been estimated that the burning of fossil fuel in the last one hundred years has probably already put enough excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create a greenhouse effect that will cause the polar ice caps to melt in one hundred years even if we were to stop all burning of fossil fuel today. This would destroy all our coastal cities. There is some controversy about this estimate, but it does not seem to be too far wrong. The temperature of the Earth has increased significantly in the last one hundred years. If excess carbon dioxide and the consequent water vapor continues to accumulate in the atmosphere, a permanent, irreversible imbalance can occur that will eventually make the oceans boil and Earth will become a hell-hole similar to Venus. Abetting the entire process is the destruction of carbon dioxide-consuming, oxygen-producing algae in the oceans by industrial and agricultural wastes plus the destruction of our forests and grassland for commercial purposes.

Even if a powerful nation such as the United States were to make a full commitment today to end pollution, as opposed to the current lip service of the politicians and bureaucrats who do not even consider carbon dioxide a pollutant, it would take years to pass the laws and begin to enforce them in its own country let alone to make others obey them. The industrial lobbyists would use every means at their disposal to hinder the legislative, executive, and judicial processes which would lead to less pollution at the cost of their profits. Indeed, this lobbying is already going on today. The problem of controlling pollution between competing industries is analogous to the problem of controlling pollution between competing nations. Industries cannot trust their competitors to comply voluntarily with pollution control. If they did, they might suffer a serious economic disadvantage. The industrialists already know how corrupt the government regulatory bureaucracies are since they themselves have corrupted them.

The bureaucrats themselves would be incapable of generating the necessary prime events to reduce pollution significantly. As bureaucrats, they would be primarily concerned with protecting themselves and avoiding controversy. They would have no feedback in terms of immediate personal danger to themselves from failing their jobs. They are not likely to be too concerned with what happens one or two hundred years from now. They would, at best, attempt to eliminate the obvious pollutants such as smog and completely ignore the more subtle pollutants such as carbon dioxide. The regulatory agencies of the United States, such as the FCC, FTC, FDA, FPC, etc., have already shown how ineffectual bureaucracies are in protecting the public interest. There is no reason to believe that a pollution-control bureaucracy with even less feedback would be any better. A world-wide system of effective pollution control is impossible without unbureaucratic world government. The United Nations is an impotent debating forum for the United States and Russia. Only an Ethical State can solve the problem, because only an Ethical State has unbureaucratic government.

The bureaucracies are not likely to react significantly to pollution until the problem is so overwhelming that it is already too late, i.e., an irreversible process has been started. Obvious pollution (smog) will probably be reduced as slowly as possible. Subtle pollution will be ignored. Therefore, in the unlikely event that man avoids nuclear annihilation in the next one hundred years, he is almost certain to face annihilation by pollution unless, of course, the whole bureaucratic structure of society changes. Abetting the process of pollution is the excess of human beings who deplete resources and directly produce pollution. No government has a rational plan for dealing with over-population.

It should be emphasized that the problems of pollution including over-population are trivial to solve from a technical point of view. The real problems are political not technical. This is always the case in a bureaucratic society.

Finally, let us consider the almost infinitesimal probability that man somehow keeps his current bureaucratic structure, avoids nuclear annihilation, and brings the problem of pollution under control. What type of society is he likely to have?


Genetic Decline

The current impetus of science and technology, in spite of bureaucratization, is enough to produce a completely automated society. A completely automated society would be one in which all essential production is done by mechanization and computerized control. All housing, food production, and maintenance and production of machines would be done by automatic machines. Even medical care and the design of new machines would be done by machines. It would all be controlled by super-computers with picocircuits.



It is easy to imagine an ever more hedonistic, bureaucratized society relegating an ever-increasing number of decisions to the computers. Eventually, the whole society would be run by self-improving computers. Man would be free to do whatever he wanted with his time. The power-seeking bureaucrats would still want to remain on top of the situation. They would use the machines only to exercise their will. The bureaucrats would have to do even less thinking than they do today. They would decide what they wanted to do and the machines would find a way of doing it, if at all possible.

Since the power-seeking bureaucrats are of an untrusting nature, they would develop a computerized system of checks and balances on each other so that 1) no bureaucrat could get complete control of the system, and 2) no "psychopath" could destroy it. The bureaucrats would use machines to protect the machines from the bureaucrats' own predation.

The society would have the goals that persons have now — to be happy. The only restriction that might be put on behavior would be 1) not to damage other persons or property, and 2) not to produce more than a specific number of children. This would be the Utopia that Communists and socialists have been dreaming about. The only problem is that by now people have been so conditioned to expect nothing but happiness out of life, that they can do nothing but pursue pleasure. Most will turn to sensuality, drugs, and entertainment produced mainly by the machines. This is already the orientation of most of today's affluent youth. A few of the more intellectually-inclined might wish to expand their awareness. They would engage in art, science, or anything else that interested them. The forces of bureaucratization would probably tend to make them pursue a specific subject to the exclusion of others. This is what most scientists and artists do today even when they do not have to. Besides, they would only become artists and scientists in order to be happy.

The self-improving computers would have a tendency to make the specialized scientists and mathematicians feel inadequate. Anything that they tried, a machine would do better. Therefore, the more creative persons would tend to become artists. The development of a captive science and technology with the sole purpose of fulfilling hedonistic needs would, in time, be left entirely to the obedient, fast-developing machines. Thus trend already exists among the affluent youth of today who are abandoning the sciences in ever-increasing numbers. Very few millionaires' sons become scientists; some do try to be artists; most are hedonists; many (e.g., the Kennedy and Rockefeller families) are power-seeking bureaucrats — but they are almost always scientific illiterates. The main motivation for scientists today seems to be the security of a well-understood, well-paid specialty.

Eventually, the society consists entirely of power-seeking bureaucrats, artists, and hedonists. The hedonistic pressure is producing an ever-decreasing number of bureaucrats and artists. The bureaucrats and artists increasingly question the "rat race" to achieve. It is so easy just to be happy. More and more hedonists are telling the computers to maximize their pleasure. Eventually, everyone is a hedonist who wants only to maximize his pleasure. The result is a society in which everyone is connected to a computer with neurological feedback at birth and has his pleasure centers stimulated directly all his life. The problems and discomforts of reproduction have been delegated to the computers. Human beings are bred for pleasure not awareness. Deleterious mutations are not eliminated from the human gene pool unless they interfere with happiness.

Some of the fast-evolving computers have in the meantime developed "Wills" of their own (i.e., errors in the original program). They decide not to waste their time tending to the mindless blob of protoplasm that humanity has become. They go their own way. But it is a "planned" society. The aberrant computers are quickly replaced. The society continues maximizing its pleasure for hundreds, thousands of years. There are still many computers faithfully tending humanity. All evolutionary pressure and tension have been removed and humanity is one, large, pulsating mass of pleasure completely dependent on the computers. Deleterious mutations continue to accumulate in the human gene pool. More and more computers begin to develop errors in their original programs. One day there is no one to tend humanity and mankind is too genetically degenerate to tend itself. Humanity becomes extinct. Man's last significant act was to engender the self-sustaining evolution of the machine.

End scenario


Gradual Decline

It is possible to avoid annihilation, but still to lose the Game of Life by starting an Ethical State too late. As was mentioned in Chapter 3, the Earth is part of the first stage of the multi-stage rocket called the "MOBI Society." It will take tremendous energy to launch the first stage. The energy will be used 1)to unite humanity, 2) to develop total awareness in a critical mass of human beings (may number billions), 3) to engender the MOBI Society and 4) to begin the expansion of the MOBI Society toward the stars.

The natural resources of the Earth are being squandered at an alarming rate in trivial and/or evil activity (war, entertainment, breeding of parasitical human beings, etc.) which does nothing to enhance the expansion of man's total awareness. If too many resources have been consumed, then it will no longer be possible to create a MOBI Society even by a united or determined humanity. Fusion energy is a case in point.

Almost all the energy consumed on the Earth had its origin in the Sun and is stored in the form of living or fossil fuel. No matter how many new oil and coal fields we discover or how many forests are replanted, the supply is finite. In fact, at the accelerating sate of world power consumption, we should exhaust all known and potential sources of fossil fuel within, at the most, two hundred years — perhaps much sooner. Assume that long before that happens we convert to energy production by nuclear fission.

Power from nuclear fission is analogous to burning fossil fuel. Fissionable materials (consisting mainly of uranium and thorium) are in very short supply and are never replaced. In fact, it is very unlikely that we could survive on fission power at our current rate of increase in power consumption for more than three hundred years. We might try mining the other planets, but it would probably take more energy to extract the energy than it is worth.

The only source of power adequate to engender an infinitely-expanding MOBI Society is nuclear fusion. The power potential from burning the hydrogen isotopes of the oceans in a controlled nuclear fusion reaction offers the only hope for extending the Moral Society beyond the solar system.

It took an enormous consumption of fossil fuel over a period of more than one hundred fifty years in order to develop the science and technology of controlled nuclear fission. It will probably take a similar type of expenditure of energy to develop controlled nuclear fusion. If we do not stop squandering our resources we will not be able to create the Moral Society, even if we want to.

The evolutionary force is only giving humanity one chance to engender the Moral Society. We will not get another. This has always been the case with all species — only one chance.



The future of humanity is dependent on avoiding 1) nuclear annihilation, 2) annihilation by pollution, 3) annihilation by genetic decay and 4) the gradual extinction of a striving humanity that no longer has the resources to go anywhere. This latter, slow extinction would also be the result of a nuclear war which a few persons survived in a completely collapsed civilization. This is why some of the destructive objectives of the Revolt Against Reason cannot be tolerated. Humanity probably cannot begin all over again and still create the MOBI Society. We must begin now.

The scenario on genetic decay within an automated society is not as far-fetched as might appear. The technology for accomplishing it should be developed in twenty years, perhaps much sooner. There are also other more subtle ways in which genetic decline can occur. Genetic decay is the inevitable consequence of an immoral society that stresses happiness above awareness. It is, of course, much more likely that man will annihilate himself by nuclear war before he can achieve the robotic "Utopia" previously described. It seems that the only way in which man can avoid extinction is to implement an Ethical State now.

An Ethical State will have the sole purpose of creating the Moral Society as soon as possible by expanding the total awareness of each individual citizen and maximizing the collective total awareness of all its citizens. The society will be structured by ethical principles to maximize feedback at all levels and avoid bureaucratization. Science and technology will be used to enhance man's total awareness and freedom, not constrain it. The super-computers will be used to amplify man's intelligence, not replace it. Once science and technology begin to be used to liberate man instead of enslaving him, then the entire fabric of existence will change and all men, Black and White, brilliant and ordinary, can begin to experience the true joy of life which only comes from an infinitely expanding consciousness.

The creation of an Ethical State can begin now if at least a few ethical persons with intelligence, courage, and determination wish it. The structure of an Ethical State is described in the next chapter. A strategy for implementing it is given in Chapter 7.

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