JOHN DAVID GARCIA, CONSULTANT, BA, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology; MA, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, University of California, Berkeley; Graduate Work in Mathematics and Physics University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins; Skills: Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Simulations and Design of Experiments in Engineering, Biomedicine, and All Social Sciences, Mathematical and Dynamic Programming, Mathematical Optimization, Stochastic Processes, Numerical and Functional Analysis, Probability, Game and Information Theory, Technological Innovation in Many Fields; Multi-disciplinary Scientific Analysis and Writing; Teacher of Applied Mathematics and Evolutionary Ethics

ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Inventor of the Electronic Signature Lock, and other Biometric Techniques for Data, Computer, Funds Transfer, and Access Security under NSF Sponsorship and Grants; Inventor of Demand Activated Road Transit System for Computer Dispatching of Group Riding Taxis; Developed All Mathematical Models, Computer Simulations, And Related Hardware. Inventor of Electronic Automated Vehicle Locator Extensively Used In Cities and Harbors. Past Founder, President, And Chairman Teknekron Corporation, Billion Dollar Per Year Engineering, Research & Development Firm In Berkeley, California, which created spinoffs with Sales In Excess of $100,000,000,000 In Fields of Automated Control, Energy Systems, and Computers. All Stock sold to Employees. Languages in Order of Fluency: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Mandarin Chinese.

AUTHOR Of Four Books, One Hundred Technical Monographs, and Twelve Patents. Designed and Taught University Courses in Integrated Sciences Unifying Physical, Biological, and Social Sciences, Applied Mathematics and a General Theory of Evolution and Ethics: Mathematical Treatise in Progress.

MILITARY SERVICE:  Scientific and Professional Personnel in U.S. Army, Drafted Two Years. Designed Computer and Mathematical Simulations for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare. As Civilian did Initial Mathematical Modeling and Design for Nuclear Missile Defense Systems (SDI). Did Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulations for Defense Department for Weapon Systems Evaluation Group on Nuclear War, Warhead Testing, Anti-Missile Missiles; and Electronic Warfare.

John David Garcia passed away on November 23, 2001 in Springfield, Oregon.